the bloc party by Mumtaz Afreen

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Image: An image of 200 children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border being held in a tent city outside Tornillo, Texas, transposed on an edited image of a dark purple web of wires connecting to a main hub in the background.

Content Warning: In this article, the author will be discussing border violence, military violence, the prison industrial complex, and other relative traumas.

the bloc party and what happens during it

are you down for the cause

and embracing the anti colonial

in every interaction

like the warmth of a caress?

etch in bone and stone

a futurity of

a blur

and apocalypse.

the endness of time

is a promise to be more and less than an entity

within a bloc party

and envisioning of temporality.

glimpse in the bathroom mirror

at the party and only see,

through a disconnected soul,

the intra-communal identity

with structured ethnic brows

and a statuesque silhouette from

an erased history

bound within a captive body,

alone with an nihilist reality.

categorisation is a weapon of


and settler stripping of agency

to produce and be produced

for industrial complexes.

somewhere down the bloc,

a ghost immigrant mama

cradles the revolution

in her arms

and lulling


telling her brown child

to not go back to sleep.

she worries

when she thinks about

how multinational corporations secure

G4S prison facilities in Palestine

the us Mexico border

and the school prison pipeline at home, all at the same time.

a futurity is still unsettled.

- Mumtaz

Video: Angela Davis, Gina Dent on Palestine, G4S and the Prison Industrial Complex

Connecting the carceral conditions created by G4S in Palestine to the border wall in Mexico allows us transnational comparisons of the prison industrial complex in multiple locations. Security corporations like G4S dehumanise indigenous populations through physical incarceration and by stripping them of their abilities to travel, communicate, and love.

Have you ever thought about how living in a surveillance state could affect you? How can we subvert the carceral condition? Please leave your thoughts below

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