Labor Day and #ScholarsStrike

Mumtaz and I have been working to get E-carity re-activated after a lengthy pandemic hiatus (more on that soon!)

In honor of both Labor Day and the Scholar Strike and Teach-In taking place this week, I thought it might be appropriate to share some (of the many available online) resources


What is Labor Day?

For those outside of North America: Labor Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. and Canada, celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the labor movement and the work of laborers. (It bear affinities to Mayday as celebrated in Europe but not here.) Or, at any rate, that was the idea when it was first instituted in the 19th century. Now it is more likely to be a day on which folk in the service industries (including many non-unionized minimum wage and gig workers) work while those blue and white collar workers fortunate enough to have the day off consume restaurant food, media, and sale goods while thinking little about the labor that is producing and serving these goods Sigh.

Resources for & on precarious labor, unionizing, and technology:


What is the Scholar Strike?

The Scholar Strike is an action "inspired by the NBA, WNBA, Colin Kaepernick and other athletes, to underscore the urgent importance of addressing racism and injustice in the United States. Conceived via a tweet by Anthea Butler, this is designed to call awareness to the racial climate in America, and the rash of police shootings and racialized violence." It will take place on Sept 8-9 in the U.S. and Sept 9-10 in Canada, as university faculty and other members of the scholarly and academic communities refrain from business as usual and focus on work "designed to raise awareness of and prompt action against racism, policing, mass incarceration and other symptoms of racism's toll in America".

Resources on racism, anti-racism, and technology:

For more about the Scholar Strike, including resources and teach-in agendas, see:

A shout-out to @AntheaButler who originated the idea of #Scholarstrike and who has, together with @TheTattooedProf, been doing the volunteer labor of organizing it in the U.S.

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