instructions for guest contributors


Thanks you for volunteering to write a post for E-carity! Here are some guidelines for your contribution.

1. Content: Your post should explore some facet or other of the connections between technology, care and precarity. As long as it is connected to these three themes, content can vary widely. Feel free to discuss art, culture, media, politics, movements, economics or other topics of interest, including your own work and experiences.


2. Length: Posts usually range between 500 and 1000 words.


3. Perspective: E-carity is committed to the work of dismantling systems of precarity and imagining a world in which caring for one another is the norm. We write from an anti-racist, feminist, queer sensibility and expect guest writers to share these perspectives (while acknowledging that those who share these perspectives may not always agree). In thinking about how technology is connected to care and/or precarity, we are open to both techno-dystopian and techno-utopian perspectives and re/imaginings.


4. Language: Please avoid language that is ableist, ageist, homophobic, racist, sexist, trans-exclusive or other language that devalues members of marginalized groups.


5. Accessibility: In addition to avoiding ableist language, guest contributors should provide brief descriptions of images included in their contributions for accessibility purposes. Try to avoid using academic or workplace jargon and if you do, please include definitions for those terms.


6. Images: The use of images is encouraged. In addition to providing a description of your image(s), please include image credits and the location where the image is found.


7. Hyperlinking: Use links where appropriate to guide the reader to related artifacts, sites, or discussions.


8. Bio: Please include a photo of yourself and a short bio that we can include with your piece. Feel free to link that bio to your own site or work, where relevant.


submission process:


If you are a first time contributor, you may want to pitch your idea to us first for input and feedback. You may contact us at, , or at the “Contact” E-carity page.


After you have completed the post, send it to one or both of us (at the addresses above) for review. Please send as a Word document or a Google Drive document. Include any images either in the text or as a separate attachment in the same e-mail.


Assuming your submission follows the guidelines above, we will edit lightly (e.g. for grammar and spelling, broken links, or paragraph breaks), add your images and photo, and check with you on any matters of substance. Then we will schedule your post and notify you of the posting date.



after publication:

Please share your guest post widely to let your friends and social media followers know about your work and about E-carity. We will do the same! Thanks again for contributing!


In solidarity,

Mumtaz and Shelley